New to the UK

New to the UK

The dynamic and diverse experience of teaching in the United Kingdom provides an exciting challenge to teachers from all backgrounds. Whether you are a newly qualified teacher or an experienced educator, teaching in the UK is never dull.

The UK offers a diverse range of schools with locations ranging from picturesque rural surroundings to fast-paced urban landscapes. It is for these reasons that it provides teachers with an amazing place to live and work!


Teachersolutions offer a wide range of working opportunities in the UK.

These include:

  • Day-to-Day (supply work)
  • Long-term, and
  • Permanent placements

It’s up to you which type of work you choose. You may like to start on supply work and then continue onto a permanent placement the following term. Whether you have some travels planned, or you are returning home for a holiday, we are flexible in finding you your perfect teaching role.

Below is a description of what each type of work entails:

Day-to-Day (Supply Work)
Day-to-Day work, or Supply work as it’s usually called, has some great advantages. If you arrive in the UK mid way through term, you have the opportunity of picking up some supply work. This will introduce you to a wide range of schools and differing teaching environments. It will also familiarise you with the UK curriculum.

These placements can continue for a few weeks, or for the duration of a few terms. A ‘long-termer’ has the benefits of steady, consistent work with constant pay. They also benefit from holding the responsibilities of a permanent staff member such as lesson planning and monitoring children’s performance.

Permanent Placements
With a permanent school placement you will be employed by the school and become a full-time member of their staff.

As with a long-term placement you will receive steady, consistent work and pay. You will receive all the benefits of a permanent position such as holiday and sick pay, and be treated as a valuable member of staff. You will be teaching your own classes, planning your own lessons and attending parent/teacher interviews.

Whether it be day-to-day supply work, long-term or a permanent placement you are after,  Teachersolutions will cater to your every need and assist you in finding the perfect teaching job.

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